NRI Services and Investment and Valuation Services

Services for Non-Residents

We understand the needs of N.R.I’s & help them be compliant with Indian statutes and advise them for investments in India.

  •   Tax planning
  •   Advice on making investments
  •   Consultancy on FEMA /RBI, FCRA matters.
  •   Form 15CB certificate & Filing Form 15CA.

Investment Management

Our Investment Management services focus on independent discretionary and advisory investment management as well as comprehensive financial advice, including inheritance tax and protection planning.

  •   Our integration with Wealth Plan helps to ensure that your investments are managed with your entire financial picture in mind.
  •   Investment of Capital Gains money within the framework of Indian Income Tax Act.
  •   To provide Assistance for purchase and sale of Shares, Securities, Units of UTI and other Mutual Funds, including investment in Private companies, Partnership Firms and Proprietorship organizations.
  •   Develop and present investment recommendations and/or alternatives.

Business Valuation Services

We believe business valuations should not be made as the result of a mechanical process alone. We not only use a variety of methodologies and techniques in deriving a valuation, but also exploit our experience and apply our judgment to give our clients the quality of business valuation advice they demand.

  •   We focus on three important value perspectives while carrying out a business valuation. Clarity about your business fundamentals, Factors influencing your worth in the market place, Strategic options to drive value for your company in the long term.
  •   We assist on regulatory and accounting matters, with advice on valuations required by Accounting Standards, including purchase price allocation, impairment testing and share option valuation the Companies Act and the Takeover Act.